Friday, July 14, 2006

Catholic Mass: typical Sunday

Learn what Catholics are up to Sunday mornings. Watch a typical Catholic Mass. Homily on importance of family

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Catholic Priests and Brothers in Media

A quick explanation of the Society of St. Paul and its media ministry
Society of St. Paul

An invitation to men to join the Society of St. Paul
Call for Playboy and Hugh Hefner's Conversion

Bunnies Come home. A hard hitting but funny invitation for Hugh Hefner to convert.
Be a man, not a playboy!

What it means to be a man and a great lover not a humorless clown.
AIDS and HIV thoughts and reflections by a priest

The impact of HIV and the need for spiritual support and moral decisions.

Spiritual Advice

I have been a priest over 30 years. I have traveled the world working in media with my congregation the Society of St. Paul. It is in over 30 countries and we use modern technology to tell the story of God's love.